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    The official app for jump rope racing events
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    Used in Jump Rope tournaments
    across the USA!
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RopeRacer Jump Rope App

Easy to use

RopeRacer provides a large area for clicks to prevent fingers sliding off the button.

Exciting for jumpers

Give jumpers the thrill they've always wanted--racing against their competition.

Multiple devices

Connect your devices together with the Group Clicker to run your own event.

Dedicated support

Tech support available 7 days a week.


Learn more about RopeRacer

Single Clicker

Race to your target with one clicker.

Group Clicker

Connect with other devices to run an event.

Group Admin

Control the stopwatch of multiple clickers.

Manage Events

Create and manage full-length events. (Coming soon!)

Manage Devices

Assign devices to stations and track incoming scores. (Coming soon!)

More coming soon!

Be on the lookout for updates!


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

"This revolutionary app will change the way we look at speed. You will want to have it!"

Tyler Perez - Head Coach of Tri-Force Jump Rope

"Any PE teacher or jump rope coach looking for a new 'gotta-have-it' app, this is the one."

Tim Rader - Head Coach of High Velocity

"RopeRacer is the perfect app to bridge the gap between jump rope and its desperate need for a technological innovation. Using it changed my perspective on how jumping speed could transform from 'jumping for jumps' to 'jumping for time'."

Cody Caldwell - Jumper with HFS Jump Force


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Single Clicker

Create a Group

Group Clicker

Configure Score

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